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Hands-on Training for openEHR

OpenEHR is a semantically enabled health computing platform that is fast gaining momentum with the current industry experts believing this is the best approach available for realizing the goals of next-generation healthcare IT. The “Open data, open API” approach is a cutting-edge technology with the ability to provide scalable and adaptable solutions.

We're happy to announce a hands-on course to help you learn openEHR.

Course Details

Duration: 2 Months

We will be covering:

1. Clinical Modelling

The process of distilling clinical domain knowledge into openEHR templates. We'll teach you the basics of openEHR template designing and provide the right tools to create these models. We'll use a real-life hospital form and convert it into an openEHR template. This involves identifying the right archetypes from the CKM and placing them in sections to build an openEHR template.


Introduction to the REST API provided by openEHR with hands-on exercises on how to interact with the server using Postman or Insomnia. This will also include setting up EHRbase (an open-source openEHR implementation) in the cloud and understanding what the various openEHR APIs are meant for.

3. Templates and Compositions

With the templates you created in clinical modelling, you’ll be posting templates and compositions to an openEHR server. You’ll learn how to generate example compositions that record clinical data for each template. This will build on the fundamentals of the openEHR REST API.

4. Querying data

You'll be learning about Archetype Query Language (AQL) and how to use it to query data from the openEHR server. You'll learn how to construct AQL queries yourself and do basic queries on the data you created using the form in the previous step. We'll also cover good practices when developing

Please visit the site for more details: https://learn.medblocks.org/

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