Our team of developers and clinical information modelers have years of experience in FHIR, openEHR, SNOMED CT, LOINC, and other health informatics technologies. We can help you on your journey to build a better healthcare ecosystem for everyone!

We at Medblocks, believe that it should be easy for everyone to learn and implement standard-based health informatics systems. You can find playlists on openEHR, FHIR, and SNOMED on YouTube.

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  • Setting up an FHIR server - Cloud/on-premise
  • FHIR Facade on existing data source
  • Building and deploying SMART on FHIR applications
  • HL7v2/CCDA to FHIR mapping
  • FHIR Profiling and clinical modeling
  • FHIR first forms
  • Integration with ABDM APIs
  • Analytics and dashboards on FHIR data sources


  • Setting up SNOMED CT search instance - Cloud/on-premise
  • Obtaining and managing SNOMED CT license for your application
  • SNOMED CT mapping and Reference set creation
  • SNOMED CT autocomplete/search implementation
  • RxNorm autocomplete/search implementation
  • LOINC/SNOMED CT/RxNorm mapping for internal codes
  • SNOMED CT to ICD 10 mapping
  • Analytics on data sources with SNOMED CT

📱 openEHR

  • Setting up openEHR server - Cloud/on-premise
  • Clinical Modelling and Template Designing
  • Building openEHR based applications and forms from templates
  • Integrating Medblocks UI into your existing frontend application
  • Dashboards and analytics using AQL on openEHR repositories