My name is Dr. Sidharth Ramesh. Welcome to my blog!

My story

I’ve always been interested in computers ever since I was a kid. I learned how to code online when I was 16 and have not stopped coding ever since.

I joined medical college because that’s something you should do when you’re in India and both your parents are doctors.

This is me with the average number of books a good student is expected to read in medical college.

me with a lot of books

Not that I read all of them, of course. The number of books is likely to double in post-graduation. This is just the nature of how much one has to learn to be proficient as a doctor.

Even after reading all that, one still needs to keep up with the latest developments in the field. And there is this graph below, which shows the number of relevant papers published every year:
exponentially increasing medical research

This made me realize that my skills with computers will be of more help to doctors and patients, than me pursuing my medical career further.

I believe, to provide data-driven decisions when and where it is needed the most, can help save lives. The sheer amount of time a doctor wastes doing paperwork today is unacceptable. Even alleviating that a little by providing better software can mean a healthier lifestyle for hundreds of doctors and better outcomes for thousands of patients.

Ever since I’ve been learning about health informatics technology, teaching what I’ve learned, contributing to open-source and exploring other avenues to build better health systems.

I hope you find my work useful. If you want to reach out to me, you can find multiple ways to contact me at the bottom of this page.